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We recommend Level One Music Workouts for begginning bands of all age levels. Teachers can progress through the book in private lessons as well as in large ensembles.


The book is separated into tabs in 7 Major Sections: Warm Up, Rhythm (the complete Rhythm Workouts Level One), Tonguing, Technique, Chromatic Studies, and Music. It focuses on each skill, building upon previous concepts for regular review of material. The multisensory approach of clapping and singing ensures that students remain engaged and learn material deeply. Partnered with built in tracking systems, concepts are broken down into incremental, fun, and attainable challenges for students to enjoy learning. 


Level One Music Workouts includes 32-week lesson plan and blank lesson plans downloadable online, allowing teachers to adapt lessons to each student needs. It is an essential tool in helping teachers maximize their classroom time.


Our online storefront is only meant for individual orders. For school, classroom, library, and district orders, please email us directly for a quote:

Level One Music Workouts

    • Bb Clarinet Book
    • Flute
    • Alto Saxophone
    • Trumpet
    • Trombone 
    • Baritone
    • Percussion
    • Conductor
  • For a perusal .pdf, please email us directly:

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