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About the Author

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Gary Scudder has an M.A. in music performance from California State University, Fullerton. His performance career has included over thirteen years as a leader in the Disneyland Saxophone Quintet entertaining park guests from around the world.

Mr. Scudder's teaching career includes time as faculty at Fullerton College, California State University Fullerton, and Biola University. In addition, he has been educating young musicians for over thirty years through clinics, summer camps, lessons, and as music director at Whittier Christian Elementary.

 Currently Mr. Scudder directs an award-winning program for students K-8 at Stockdale Christian School in Bakersfield, California. He also maintains a private teaching practice that includes students of various ages and abilities. His dedication to maximizing each student's success has led him to write and publish his own curriculum, Rhythm Workouts and Music Workouts, for developing musicians. He has a unique ability to blend instrumental expertise, motivation, humor, and a commitment to excellence in a way that challenges his students to go beyond expectations. Mr. Scudder truly loves working with students and delights in helping them reach for the stars in their musical development.

Our Mission

Scudder Music Publishing is committed to helping musicians maximize their success by providing materials that systematically develop the musical skills necessary for them to become strong, independent creators of music. 


Partnered with our curriculum, we believe in using positive teaching techniques to create an environment that is both rewarding and enriching, causing students to achieve performance levels far beyond normal expectations. 


Come join us in our pursuit to help create many special moments while learning and teaching that special gift we call--Music!

Our Teaching Philosophy

Music workouts is built on the strong foundation of teaching less material well using focused learning, multi-sensory teaching, and memorization to maximize students success.

Teaching less material well creates more positive playing habits, causes more depth in playing skills, and creates a stronger musical foundation to build upon; therefore, Music Workouts focuses on 7 basic music skills, covering 1 basic skill per section, then combining all the skills to make music. Its Multi-Sensory teaching includes counting and clapping rhythms out loud, singing, naming and positioning notes out loud, and writing. It encourages memorization to enable the brain to work more efficiently, critically think, visualize, and listen to the music.

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